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Pancasila, A Solution to Unite Indonesia

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Pancasila, A Solution to Unite Indonesia
Udayana Military Commander Major General Komaruddin Simanjuntak during an interview with media in Denpasar. (Foto Antara Bali/Dwa/2017 Foto Antara Bali/DWA/2017)
Denpasar (Antara Bali) - Udayana Military Commander Major General Komaruddin Simanjuntak believes that the state philosophy of Pancasila is the solution to uniting Indonesia in the midst of all forms of distractions and threats emanating from within and outside.

"After Indonesia gained its independence and until now, there are internal threats, disturbances, challenges, and obstacles; and hence, Pancasila must be put forward as a solution to all these problems," Simanjuntak remarked here on Thursday.

The two-star general expressed belief that the Indonesian people have acknowledged the strength of Pancasila by annually commemorating June 1 as the day of its birth.

He expressed hope that the people of Indonesia would understand Pancasila as a tool to unify the nation in the face of current challenges and obstacles, such as intolerance, national disintegration efforts, and radicalism.

Simanjuntak emphasized that at no cost can Pancasila be allowed to be belittled by certain parties.

"I invite all people of Indonesia to maintain and defend Pancasila urgently whenever, wherever, and in whatever circumstances," the Udayana Military commander noted.

Further, Simanjuntak added that education on Pancasila should be re-incorporated into the school curriculum at elementary, junior high, and high school/vocational schools to provide deep admiration and understanding of the country's ideology to the nation's next generation.

Every year, on June 1, Indonesia commemorates the birth of the national ideology of Pancasila, which serves as the cohesive power of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.

Looking back 71 years on June 1, 1945, during the assembly of the Investigating Committee for the Preparation of Indonesian Independence, one of Indonesia's founding fathers, Sukarno, or better known as Bung Karno, had presented the idea of Pancasila to serve as the basis of the newborn republic.(Dwa)

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