Saturday, 19th August 2017

Yatsman Gets 15 Months In Jail For Insulting President

id insulting President, hate speech, social media
Lubukbasung, W Sumatra (Antara Bali) - The district court in Lubukbadung, West Sumatra, sentenced Ropi Yatsman (35) to one year and three months in jail here on Monday for insulting President Joko Widodo and spreading hate speech through social media.

"The defendant was proven guilty of deliberately committing a crime and, with no right, spreading information that created a sense of hatred or animosity," chief judge Mahendrasmara said reading the verdict.

He stated that the defendant had uploaded an edited photograph of Widodo on his Facebook account in violation of Law Number 19 of 2016 on electronic information transactions.

"The sentence was equal to the prosecutor's demand and the defendant accepted it," he revealed.

The defendant admitted the crime and had been polite during the sessions and also regretted the act. (WDY)

Editor: I Gusti Bagus Widyantara