Saturday, 19th August 2017

Electricity Is Cheaper In Indonesia Than In Singapore And Malaysia

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Jakarta (Antara Bali) - A senior official of the government dismissed  as groundless suggestion that Indonesia's electricity is most expensive in the world.

"Most expensive in the world? Our price for electricity is even cheaper than Singapore's and Malaysia's," Secretary of the Directorate General of Electricity at the Energy and Mineral Resource Ministry Agoes Triboesono told Antara here on Monday.

Agoes said the Indonesian  price of electricity is more interesting that offers by other countries such as ASEAN countries.

In addition, Indonesia's internal condition to develop electric energy  is more favorable than earlier, he said.

"Any one or survey saying that Indonesia's electricity is the most expensive in the world, the survey is not valid or failed to see all variable involved," he said.

The administered price of power by July, 2017  is around Rp1,352 per kWh  up from Rp605 per kWh by December, 2016 as against Malaysia's price of Rp1,360 per kwh, and U.S. price of US$10.42 per KWH.

The tariff for non subsidized power by August, 2017  is Rp1,467.28 per kWh.  The price for 900 VA consumers is slightly lower  at  Rp1,352  per  kWh.

"Even in ASEAN we are quite competitive , how could ones say we are the most expensive in the world?  That is certainly not valid and wrong," he said. (WDY)

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